This isn't the first time I've bought and used a phone screen protector, but when I saw this product online, I had some doubts in my mind. Why is this sapphire phone screen protector a little more expensive than the average phone screen protector.

In the end I still bought a sapphire screen protector for my iPhone 13 promax because I couldn't find a good one before. I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw the packaging because it looked luxurious and high-end. The accessories in the package are complete, and there is even a brochure full of material properties. Surprised to know how amazing this product is.

sapphireman sapphire screen protector
The installation process is relatively smooth, watching the tutorial video can easily complete it. Then, I was amazed by how smooth it was. I've never felt this way, the screen is cool and smooth, and it doesn't get any fingerprints. And it seems to be a little thinner than the average phone screen protector, and it looks like there is no protective film attached.
I was curious as to why the surface of the sapphire phone screen protector was so cold that for a moment I thought I was touching ice. Also to test its scratch resistance, I really got a sharp stone to scratch it. Because I'm really worried that it will be like other phone screen protectors, and I don't know when there will be an extra scratch on the surface. Fortunately, the situation I feared did not come to pass, and it was intact. It was so amazing, I even wanted to take it to the road for a scratch test, I knew it would be crazy.

I am still very satisfied with this product, it brings so many surprises. I'm looking forward to the sapphire lens protector and sapphire case on the way.