There are many types of mobile phone screen protective films in today's market. What is the difference between each protective film? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let's explore it together.

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The most common is tempered glass film. It is not only widely used, but also inexpensive. However, the quality of tempered glass film is uneven, so there is also a big difference in price. Some get three for $9, while others go for upwards of $40. In terms of hardness, tempered glass films are relatively good, and some can reach Mohs hardness level 5. Anti-scratch to a certain extent.

tempered glass screen film

UV film can cover the phone screen well, but it is not very helpful for screen protection. The principle is mainly to cure that layer of resin through the UV machine to form protection. The advantages of uv film are clarity and high transparency, but the protection performance is very general. Moreover, the entire installation process is also more complicated, so it is not recommended for beginners to try it.

UV film

The hydrogel film is actually a relatively special plastic product. Its advantages are somewhat similar to the UV film, that is, it can cover the screen of the mobile phone well. The disadvantage is that the protection performance is relatively poor, and it cannot effectively protect the mobile phone screen.

hydrogel film
The sapphire mobile phone protective film is a hot-selling film recently. It has won many praises in the mobile phone film market with its excellent anti-scratch effect. Different from the previous tempered glass film, the sapphire film has a stronger hardness, reaching a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond. So it has a good performance in testing and daily use. In addition, in terms of smoothness, the sapphire mobile phone protective film is coated with AF coating, which is better not to stick to fingerprints and anti-fouling. It is worth mentioning that the surface temperature of sapphire is relatively low due to its special material properties. It can feel cold to the touch, especially when it is in an air-conditioned room, so it can cool the phone to a certain extent.
sapphire mobile phone protective filmsapphire screen protector

In general, sapphire mobile phone protective film is indeed a rare product on the market, which greatly broadens people's understanding of mobile phone protection. At the same time, it is also leading a new wave, and more and more people are consuming this high-grade protective film.