The sapphire mobile phone protective film has received a lot of praise from the market, but there should be many people here who do not know the difference from the traditional tempered glass film. We will illustrate the highlights of the sapphire mobile phone protective film through test data.


Surface scratch resistance test

The test props used are sharp stones. The Mohs hardness of the stone is about 6-7, which can easily scratch the ordinary tempered film. For the sapphire mobile phone protective film with a Mohs hardness of 9, it does not cause any damage at all. This is enough to reflect the excellent scratch resistance of sapphire.

sapphire screen protector test


Thermal test

The test uses boiling water vapor. At the same time, tiny visible water molecules will adhere to the surface of the screen heated by water vapor. The more obvious one is the sapphire mobile phone protective film. After leaving the heating area, the fog on the screen surface dissipates faster. This also means that sapphire has a faster heat dissipation capability.


Mohs hardness test

The test used a test pen with a Mohs hardness of 8. Under the same force, after one stroke, there is an obvious scratch on the surface of the tempered glass film, but there is no problem with the surface of the sapphire screen protector.


Melting point test

The test uses a flamethrower. After five seconds of heating, the tempered glass film produced obvious combustibles, began to deform after 15 seconds, and was completely deformed after 30 seconds of heating. And sapphire did not have any problems after 30 seconds of heating. This is also because sapphire has a relatively high melting point and can be used as a fireproof material.


Sapphire material has many advantages. Due to the high cost, the cost of the sapphire screen protector is also relatively high. But that also means the quality of every sapphire screen protector is exceptional. In terms of production time, each sapphire screen protector has to go through more than 500 hours of production. The careful production is only to bring better quality products to consumers.